36 Reasons to Leave Your Hometown

Seoraksan National Park, South Korea, 2013.

Leave your hometown.

Leave your hometown because a map of the whole world isn’t shaped like your city.

Leave your hometown because even if you love the place, you’ll find new reasons to appreciate it when you’re gone.

Leave your hometown to wake up new taste buds.

Leave your hometown and be the only person you know in a roomful of strangers speaking words you don’t understand.

Leave your hometown, and stop making excuses or putting it off.

St. Mary’s Glacier, Colorado, United States, 2016.

Leave your hometown because you want to learn what a smile means on the other side of the world.

Leave your hometown because you will always be young when the world is so old.

Leave your hometown because you don’t want to tell the same stories over and over, about the same people, places, and things you see everyday.

Leave your hometown just to be able to come back home again.

Leave your hometown because you have something worth sharing with the world.

Leave your hometown because when you are surrounded by reminders of the past, it’s the only way to really get a fresh start.

Rachel, Nevada, United States, 2016.

…because there are lifelong friends out there you would never have met otherwise.

…to take the first step on an unfamiliar road where something wild, something terrible, and something humbling all wait for you at the end.

…and learn the language of another culture.

…and watch a small fraction of the seven billion people you will never know pass you by.

…even if you don’t know what you’re pointing at on the menus.

…because your obsession ain’t from around these here parts.

Ramen Museum, Yokohama, Japan, 2014.

…because if the beauty of the world warrants a like and a retweet, imagine seeing it for yourself.

…because you can go to school your entire life, read every book you come across, and you would still learn something new.

…because how else are you going to find a job in this economy?

…and watch your definition of a beautiful person evolve with every flight, drive, and train ride.

…to find conclusive evidence that the Pacific Ocean looks the same from both sides.

…so you can learn how to say, “Cheers!” in more ways than the number of drinks it takes you to get sloshed.

Fukuoka, Japan, 2014.

…and get angry that all the dance clubs are playing the same damn song.

…because your friends are getting really tired of hearing you go on about how you’ll “get on a plane someday.”

…because the western part of your country is different from the eastern part is different from the northern is different from the southern. That’s not even mentioning the middle.

…to cut down on the number of regrets you’ll have on your deathbed.

…because even if nothing under the sun can excite you anymore, you can at least say you tried looking.

…and see just how long that highway really goes on for.

The 5, California, United States, 2011.

Leave your hometown because you can bring something back with you, whether it’s a souvenir, a recipe, a camera full of pictures, or a way of life.

Leave your hometown now, because you’re going to be even further behind when science takes us beyond the stars.

Leave your hometown because one day your kids might want to hear the story about that one time you…

Leave your hometown because it terrifies you.

Leave your hometown so that fans reading your Wikipedia page know how to follow in your footsteps.

Leave your hometown because you have a reason; not because you want you want to pad up your resume, and definitely not because some asshole with a blog says that you should.

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