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About Osmond

Hi, I'm Osmond and I'm a developer at Sparkbox. I love building for the web, whether this means solving a development problem, finding a design solution, or contributing to a design system.

I am experienced in writing accessible HTML and CSS, and I am able to work within a number of JavaScript frameworks. The bulk of my practice has been with React applications, especially Next.js.

Featured work

  • Design system migration

    client project

    A large manufacturing company needed help moving their design system from Sketch to Figma, although this grew in scope to include creating new component designs, updating outdated component designs, and addressing some accessibility issues. We would work with them again later to write documentation for their system.

  • mageHand

    side project

    An app that provides tools for tabletop RPG players of the 5th edition of a certain game that can't be named because of copyright reasons. Currently only supports searching for spells via the Open 5e API.

  • Stark for Figma review

    I wrote a review of Stark's accessibility plugin for Figma. It can be found on the Sparkbox Foundry. I still use this tool to check if my designs have accessible contrast levels.

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